About DCS Haridwar

In the tranquil surroundings of the Shiwalik, on the banks of the holy "Ganga", Haridwar is one of the most sacred place in the world.

A crucible of singular beauty, the school is wrapped in an enchanting silence. Haridwar- the land of mythological frame and fantasies, has a spectacular river terrain, green valley, orchards majestic wooded mountains. This is the ambience we strive to give your child for, an auspicious beginning to a new pollution - free life.

student img haridwar

The school runs with the help of a capable and highly professional staff. Apart from being cent percent professional teachers are caring human beings who make the child's stay a memorable experience with us. We aim at having limited students in each class so that the psychology of each and every child is understood by the teacher and accordingly we can give individual attention.

Audio visual aids are provided for academics to the juniors and seniors for better retention. We encourage students to take part in group discussions to bring the best out of the child and fee free and confident. For us Education means academics alongwith social, cultural and moral development of an individual student, with our prime aim at making a child self-reliant and independent. We inculcate in a student qualities like team-spirit, dedication to a cause, confidence and that positive attitude with strong will-power - a key to success in life.