Important Information


Boarders must leave the hostel on the day the holiday commences and not a day earlier and must return to the hostel a day or two before the commencement of the term and not a day later.


All complaints, enquiries or correspondence are to be directly made to the Principal. Each holiday will be intimated to parents through the child on a slip.

School Terms

There are three terms in each year, 1st term from April to September, 2nd term September to December and 3rd Term from January to March. The hostel is closed for about 6 weeks in summer and 2 weeks winters and it is necessary for all the boarders to go home during holidays as the staff are given leave during these long holidays. Parents of foreign and overseas students are requested to ensure to the Bursar of the Institution that all pupils are possession of valid passport and other travel documents. The school will not undertake the responsibility for procuring such documents and will not arrange travel by Air, Sea or Rail for holidays pertaining there to are furnished by the parents for necessary flight, passage or journey.

If the parents, want to meet the child the term on Sunday/public holidays, they must inform the institution at least 3 days before they arrive and taking him alongwith them between 10 a.m. & 5 p.m. must inform 1 week before in written. No student is permitted to leave the boarding campus for any leave unless the parents call for the child personally. Parents are permitted to visit their child/children on Sunday only between 10 a.m. & 5 p.m. and on public holiday.

The school will not be held responsible if a child leaves the boarding campus without written permission from the Principal or the House Master on the Campus.


No withdrawals are allowed during the middle of term. Parents intending to withdraw wards from the hostel at the end of a term will please give three months notice ending on the last day of the term. But fees shall be charged by the school for full one session. Fee once paid for the session is not refundable, but security money and money leftover from the impressed will be refunded.


A late arrival fine of Rs. 100/- per day per boarder will be charged unless a medical certificate is furnished or prior permission had been granted by the principal only.