Late Mr. W.C. Kashyap founder of Doon Cambridge School.


"One important key to success is self confidence an important key to self confidence is preparation".

Arthur Ashe

The unique combination of both Indian and International perspective in the education academy shifts the focus to give an edge in the progressive period of traditional pedagogy in to the inviting and challenging waters of self development and organizational effectiveness. I believe in equipping the students with a strong academic foundation, excellent life skills and leadership qualities in a nurturing where teachers and students respect each other.

I am happy to note that the school upholds a safe, nurturing and caring environment that allows its students to develop cordial relationships with teachers and peers alike. I am glad to see that "The Doon Cambridgite" has given ample opportunity to the children to explore their creative writing talents and present them in style but it it will also benefit the readers whom it will inform, inspire and benefit.

Mr. Subhash Kashyap


"May nothing be able to stop you, no mountains, no oceans, May nothing be able to limit you. May sky be your summit, where we have to reach, we all have to reach."

Today's parents and educationists are confronted with the question is our perspective about education sound? Should we prepare a child to face the cut throat competition and score high marks? Should it help to develop the innate talents in a child?

A child's world is a beautiful tapestry made up of multitude of hopes and aspirations. They have big dreams and we have a duty to make sure these dreams become a reality. Here the role of school and education comes in the picture.

Education means facilitating the process of developing compassionate leadership qualities in the pupils.

Doon Cambridge school has over the year created flag bearers in diverse fields. From early age DCS it is are sensitized to the needs of the other people and the less fortunate of the society. In this changing world where erosion of values is not given much thought and success is measured in terms of wealth our value based education and discipline help the children to get into touch with their inner voice.

Quietly and surely DCS has grown from strength to strength and now stands tall, be it in terms of infrastructure, faculty, work ethics, innovative teaching with modern teaching aids and facilities for students.

These methods help to open up the minds of the students. They enjoy freedom within boundaries of self discipline. They enthusiastically participate in various activities. The entire school campus is always bustling and I can, by looking back at the last academic year, very confidently say that our students have made their parents and teachers proud.

As our challenges are multiplying and knowledge becoming more advanced, it is our ethical duty to pass on a healthy environment to our children. In a few years time we will have a majority of our population below the age of twenty five making us the youngest population of the world and this population is the key to the future. Their success and failure will entirely depend on education and skills we equip them with and the kind of environment they inherit from us. Therefore we should take care to bequeath them a safe and healthy environment. Its time for us to evolve environmentally harmless living practices. I take this opportunity to thank the parents, staff, well wishers and students for their co-operation and support and above all thank God for his guidance and blessings.

(Mrs. Neeru Kashyap)
Deputy Director


"The aim of Education is the knowledge not of facts but of values"

Education is a journey from childhood to adulthood. We at DCS wish to make this journey an exciting and fulfilling one for all those who enter the Portals of this school. The school seeks to develop students into confident, disciplined and critical thinkers. We have been constantly endeavoring to provide our students with a learning environment in which they have as many opportunities as possible to excel, and also distinguish themselves in academic and a range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

One has to go beyond the traditional methods and ensure education for understanding that is excellent in quality, personally engaging and prepares global citizens that are ready to face the challenges of the brave new world.

The institution's objective is best expressed through our motto - Duty, Courage & Service. Through the years our effort has been to endure enlighten and empower.

I strongly believe that school is not made by bricks and mortar only. The soul of DCS lies in its humanistic approach. Our teaching staff has passion to generate a community of nation builders. We are committed to provide students an excellent platform at DCS to make leaning a joyful experience at school.

(H.K. Chhabra)


"Greatness lies not in never falling but is rising after every fall"

Dear Students,

Education is formation of character, as a sapling is tended with great love and care, you too at this impressionable age are taken care of by your teacher and parents with love and care, to make a child integral and whole person.

Life is a blend of sunshine and darkness, success and failure so analyse your shortcoming and strength, march ahaed with be better and success will be yours.

"Greatness lies not in never falling but is rising after every fall"

So, I see no reason why you would not be able to translate your in to reality

(Mrs. Kamini Verma)
Principal, DCS Haridwar


"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education"

Education is the light that empowers, the fragrance that enrich., the beauty that mesmerises, the Divinity that enlightens and the strength that fortifies the purpose of education. This is the motto we follow in DCS.

After studying in Welham Boy's School and further at St. Xavier's College for my under graduation Bachelor in Management Studies, I found that there was a lot of difference in the exposure level of the children. Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. We are here not merely to educate but to inspire. We provide avalanche of opportunities to our students to excel in Academics, Leadership, Extra-curricular activities, Sports, Games etc... We strive to bring out the talents in our students and arm them with knowledge and skills so that they are better human being and leaders of tomorrow.

I believe that the most important yet hard to measure outcome of education is the essence of a meaningful life. So we at DCS value the principles of humanity-empathy, truth, justice, integrity and human rights at every comer of our curriculum design. Education is about the art of human learning- a venture involving creativity, imagination and discovery. I think that every person has leadership potential within and that the role of the school is to help its children place their feet firmly in its by developing spiritual strength, discipline and resilience.

I wish from the depth of my heart that every student may touch the zenith of success in all aspects of life and illuminate like a shining star in the galaxy of the world.

Currently employed in Omnicom Media Group, United Kingdom, I wish to gather all my experiences and lead the school to attain great heights. Last but not the least I would like to sum up with the words of Nelson Mandela- "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can seek to change the world.

(Geet Kashyap)
Joining as Academic Head