Aims & Objectives

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."......Nelson Mandela

The school aims to provide and atmosphere to develop the individual personality of each student and to inculcate in the students an awareness of their rich cultural heritage; hence it provides an education which is a happy blend to the traditional and western values – an education which nurtures the best traditions of our culture and also absorbs the finer western influences.

The Institution endeavours to provide the climate for a wholesome and integrated upbringing, seeking to produce students well-equipped with the valuable qualities of leadership and alertness. Doon Cambridge School seeks also to develop in the students an awareness of social responsibility and the right moral values. The myriad opportunities for extra-curricular activities and games provide for the growth of sound physical and mental health. More importantly, the school takes pride in attempting to impart to the students the right values and norms of behavior, thus helping to develop their confidence and poise and to inculcate in them the right attitude for productive work.